General Information:

Who has to pay for admission?
Everyone pays admission unless you are a spectating parent or under the age of 3.

Do I have to pay for my toddler to get in?
Anyone under the age of 3 is free admission, however if they wish to skate you will have to pay the skate rental price.

Once I have paid, can I leave and then re-enter?
There are no in-and-out privileges, if a parent needs to get something from their car or smoke, they need to notify the cashier before leaving. 

Can I bring in outside food?
Unfortunately, outside food/drinks are prohibited, but we do have a full cafe that you are able to purchase food at.

Do you have skate mates?
Yes! You can rent them for 2 hours for $5.30.

Do you offer any group discounts?
Yes, when we are open during the week from 1-4pm for summer skating or "school's out skating", we offer a group discount. Groups of 6 or more receive free rentals.

Can I bring in my own skates?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring in your own skates. You will still have to pay the admission price for that session.

Can I walk on the skating floor with my child?
Yes, parents are more than welcome to walk on the floor to assist their children skating.

Public Session Birthday Parties:

How can I schedule a birthday party?
You are able to schedule a birthday party, with a $100 deposit, online, over the phone, or in person.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a party?
The sooner, the better! However, you are able to schedule one up until the week of. Any party scheduled after the Wednesday for the upcoming weekend will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Does the deposit go towards the package price?
Yes! The $100 deposit goes towards whatever package you choose. The deposit is non-refundable, however it is transferable if you need to reschedule; the deposit is good for up to 1 whole year.

Why do I have to arrive an hour prior to my table time?
The first hour is meant for skating, then the second hour is the table time, where you will be served pizza/drinks, eat cake, etc. This first hour is also used as a buffer for any guests who might show up late. Right at the beginning of your table hour, the pizza/drinks will be out on the table ready to be served, so we do not want your guests to miss or show up halfway through your table hour. Once your table hour is up, we ask that you and your guests move back to general seating, however you can stay and skate as long as you want; skating is unlimited!

Who is allowed down in the party zone during my table time?
Only the children on your guest list who will receive a starred wristband, plus the parents/grandparents of your invited party guests.

How do I give you my guest list?
The Wednesday before your scheduled party you will receive an email asking for your guest list. We will need the first names of every child you have invited. Please note, you will be responsible to pay for the children on your list, unless they do not show up.

Do parents of my party have to pay if they are not skating?
No, spectating parents do not have to pay unless they decide to skate, then they would have to pay the regular admission and skate rental for that session.

Can I bring in my own decorations?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring in your own decorations! We provide table cloths, and all of the paper products/utensils with our packages, however if you have your own theme you can bring in your own table cloths, plates, etc. We will be happy to set up your table with your decorations. There are some things we cannot allow such as pinatas, large banners, etc. Please feel free to give us a call to clarify any decorations.

Can I bring in a character, face painter, clown, etc to my party?
Unfortunately, during the public session parties we cannot allow this. However, if you book a private party you are more than welcome to!

Can I bring in ice cream with my scheduled party?
Yes, we have a freezer that we can hold your ice cream for you.

When and how can I add additional food or platters to my party?
We now have an add on section in the reservation form where you can select additional food/platters upon booking your party. If you choose to wait, you can email the party coordinator or call us to add additional food prior to your party date. Also, you are more than welcome to add additional food the day of when you get here.

What type of cake do you provide if I choose to add it?

The cake is a 10 inch round vanilla cake with buttercream icing from Sam's Club. It has a birthday/roller skate design on the top and it says "Happy Birthday!". If you wish to add on a cake, it must be added no later than the Tuesday before your scheduled party.

What veggies are included in the veggie platter?

The veggie platter comes with carrots, celery, broccoli, & cauliflower (along with dipping sauce).

What comes in the sampler platter?

The sampler platter includes wings, mozzarella sticks, & chicken tenders.

What comes in the goody bags provided in the packages?
Toys, candy, and a free admission coupon for a return visit to Skate Zone.

Are skate mates provided in the party packages?
Unfortunately, the skate mates are not included in the birthday party packages. They need to be rented at the additional $5.30 per skate mate.

How/when will I receive my evite & thank you card?
We create the evites & thank you cards, then send them to your email. They are sent as JPEGs, so you can forward them out through email, or save them as a picture on your phone and text them out. You can also print them out if you want. If you book online after office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) you will receive your evite/thank you card the next day when we are back in the office.

Private Parties:

How can I schedule a private party?
You can schedule a private party over the phone or in person. We require a $250 deposit upon booking and also a signed contract.

How many guests can I have at a private party?
Unlimited! Under the $699.95 or $799.95 package price, your guest list can be unlimited. The building capacity is 710 so you just cannot exceed that amount.

How early can I arrive for my private party?
You can arrive as early as 15 to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled party start time before your guests arrive.

Can I add additional food/platters to my private party?
Yes! You can add additional pizzas to your private party, and you can also add additional platters (including: veggie platter, sampler platter, wing platter, nacho platter)

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